Student Testimonial

Name : Arati Sapkal

Class : M.Sc. Environment and Safety

I'm currently pursuing my MSc in environment and safety. All of us aware MSc studies is cannot be completed without theoretical and practical knowledge. Along with this theoretical and practical knowledge, we do require certain additional skills which CSIBER college has provided to us. The college arranges and conducts different programs and competitions for developing Confidence among the students. The best teaching quality and best faculty have seen in this CSIBER college.

In short EXCELLENT FACILITIES, WITH EXCELLENT FACILITY provided to us by CSIBER college, facilities in terms of well-developed infrastructure, well-developed library, super internet facility, computer lab, language lab, sports, traditional programs, technical education, etc and most important thing is that campus selection. College provided the best campus to the students.

I'm happy to tell you I'm a student of CSIBER and due to this college, I'm ready to enter this corporate world. Thank you


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