Name : Dr.Bindu Nandakumar Menon

Designation : Associate Professor

Email: bindumenon@siberindia.edu.in

Qualifications: Ph.D., M.Phil, MBA,M.Com, B.Ed

Dr Menon has rich experience spanning more than 20 years in teaching and 6 years in industry.

Her area of research interest is Behaviour issues, HR and IR.

She has published more than 18 research papers in different National and International journals.  She attended more than 20 workshops and FDPs,  presented more than 10 papers in different international and national conferences.  She has worked as a Co-author of seven books for Shivaji University Distance Education SIM Material for MBA in the area of human resource management, research methodology etc. She has also worked as an editor of SIM material.  Presently she is BOS member of CSIBER and also BOS Syllabus Reform committee member of Shivaji University. She has worked in different committees of Shivaji University like Local Inspection Committee as well as at Institute level also. 


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