Sports Activities

Not only academics but extracurricular and co-curricular activities are important. These activities are useful in development of student’s personality and inculcating sporting spirit amongst them. In order to contribute to development of overall personality of the students CSIBER pays attention towards these activities. 

The institute observes sports week from 26th December to 31st December every year. This includes indoor and outdoor sports. The indoor sports include chess, carom, table tennis and outdoor sports include 100m running, 100X4 m relay, slow cycling, tug of war etc. In order to carry out the sports activity smoothly the committee is constituted by the director of the institute. The committee in turn constitutes students committee representing different programmes. A detailed schedule is prepared and displayed on notice boards of various programmes. From every sports events we get a winner and runner-up, the certificate and trophies are given to them during annual social gathering.

Tug of War

Table Tennis

Slow Cycling

100 Mtr. Running

Dodge Ball


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