Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities 2019-2020

Cultural activities 2019-2020 started late due to sudden floods in State with the objectives to help in students’ union activities, promote student’s development by offering variety of programmes like cultural, multi-cultural, intellectual, recreational, traditional, community services and campus governance programme. Recognize and reward students at semester/ annual events.  
In addition to students planned to bring teaching and non -teaching staff together through cultural programmes, trips and family get together   however due to this pandemic we just managed to organise awareness programme regarding stress management at workplace. 

To name a few programmes for the students initiated Fresher’s Party 2K19, later My Style is Black where in various style and skills were exhibited by students like  Mehandi Art, Kite making, Face painting, Best out of waste, Photography, Nail art ,Drawing, Pot painting  . Traditional Day was celebrated where more than 230 students participated representing all Indian states especially focus was on   Maharashtra-Odisha Cultural Promotion under Rusa Programme.  For the first time CSIBER College Governance was organised where students were encouraged to discuss CSIBER issues in CSIBER PARLIAMENT. Students also  actively participated in celebrating  International Mother Tongue Day, Marathi Bhasha Din and lastly as said earlier  Stress Management and Work Ethics was organised for teaching and Non- teaching  staff. 


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