SOUTH ASIAN JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT RESEARCH(SAJMR) is planned to be an archival journal of reserach pertaining to managerial aspects aspects in various areas of human activities. This journal is a publication of Chhatrapati Shahu Institute of Business Education and Research(CSIBER) Kolhapur, India. CSIBER is a unique institute of its kind in the entire Indian subcontinent imparting postgraduate professional education in the fields of business management, social work administration, environmental studies and computer applications. Management thoughts and managerial research are the common factors that link these otherwise diverse fields. Having completed three decades, the institute now desires to cater to the international community by creating a platform for sharing the outputs of managerial research in these as well as other areas of human activities. We believe that the socio-economic and political environments in South Asian countries are more or less similar that w will be able to share the same media for this purpose. .

SAJMR is the realization of this vision